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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Toll Free Brings In Donations For Non-Profits

Administrators at non-profits are frequently cash-strapped and trying to use as much money as possible toward their charitable purpose and the least amount toward administrative costs. Some might think they cannot afford a toll free phone number. But the opposite is true. Toll free is often less expensive than standard service and can bring in more donations.

"Our non profit never dreamed we could afford a toll-free number, but has made it possible for us to reach out into our community for volunteers and donations. Our son is away at school, so I'm thinking about getting a toll-free number for our family as well."
KMC, Montana Animal Rescue League, Mt. Heron

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Non-Profits "Profit" Big!

On September 5, hundreds of celebrities joined forces for a one-hour telethon for Stand Up To Cancer. Millions of dollars in donations were contributed through the charity’s toll free phone number, 1-888-90-STAND. Tens of thousands of phone calls were fielded simultaneously during the show, aired on all three of the major networks, and for several hours afterward. Read more about this heroic story here.

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