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30 comments on “The Many Benefits of a Toll-Free Number

  1. Very cool stuff.

  2. This was a good srticle!

  3. Don Legamit on said:

    Marketing is key; I’ve been doing it for 20+ years and once people learn how to really, I mean, REALLY market their company they see their profits sky rocket.

  4. Laura Flynn on said:

    I believe the benefits – think it’s obvious!

  5. Mike Dango on said:

    I was really surprised at how many more people starting contacting me just by having an 800 number on my business cards…

  6. I don’t see how you could operate a business WITHOUT a toll free number :/

  7. I like the way all this sounds – thanks for the info ;)

  8. Jennifer Holiday on said:

    It works for Canada! That’s what I needed!

  9. Hey people have to beware that not all companies allow you to advertise a number just anywhere. If you own the number, then, yeah but if you don’t they can dictate where you put it so, do the research.

  10. Mattias Weldinger on said:

    A few months ago my business adviser started me on a new advertising campaign and she advised me to look into getting a toll free number. I’d gotten similar advice before but, in all honesty, I didn’t think I needed one. But you’re absolutely right, I have seen an incredible boost in quarterly profits.

  11. MANY benefits, not ‘mini’ benefits – ah, I see, I see!

  12. Josephine on said:

    I don’t think I ever realized there were so many benefits!

  13. Mason Jean on said:

    I’ve been trying to find a good vanity on my own and it just wasn’t working out but when I called the guy literally found a great one in like 3 minutes!

  14. Dang straight they’re good for customer service. I wouldn’t go calling anyone if they didn’t have one of then!

  15. I like what you say and will be calling in to your offices later tomorrow to get your advice on these. I hope you will be there for me.

  16. Josh Rogel on said:

    I called in yesterday and got an awesome 855 number and I’m already using it. Thank you!

  17. It does sound like there’s a lot of great things this comes with!

  18. Thomas Smyth on said:

    Credibility is a must and a 1-800 number does just that; makes you look real and professional.

  19. James McFee on said:

    I feel like this could work out well…

  20. Thad Beaumont on said:

    Ok, what’s the catch?

  21. Jeremy on said:

    I don’t care for all this hubbub but I do think an 800 is a benefit.

  22. Jocelyn on said:

    How can I get toll free number??

  23. Dolores on said:


  24. Robert My on said:

    I can relate to lots of this and I agree.

  25. Trejean on said:

    Wait, I thought a toll free was FREE?

  26. Tollfreenumber.ORG on said:

    Trejean, a toll free number IS free to call but, as the owner of a toll free 1-800 number, you would pay normal monthly service costs depending on which of our amazing plans you choose. But no matter which one you pick, all of our plans are competitively priced and fully customized to suit your business needs. Feel free to call if you have any further questions. You can reach us toll free at 1-800-951-9411.

  27. Mark Childers on said:

    It astounds me that people think you can get a toll free for free. You’re a business owner, shouldn’t you understand the concept ‘it takes money to make money’!?

  28. i think people like having a toll free number to call better than not. just my experience though.

  29. Jeffy Ray on said:

    I liked just my locale number but I guess it weren’t good enough for them peoples in my are and people were always asking “Why dont you have a number I can call at that dont cost me nothin for the call” and I says to them that it dont make alot of sense but so many people are talkin about it that I think they maight be unto somethin.

  30. Eric Sayer on said:

    Going national is a MUST!

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