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  • Raymond

    Yeah you know I’ve read stories about, literally, 12 years old kids starting businesses and I don’t get it honestly.

  • fghfd

    Whenever I see a successful kid it makes me feel bad about myself.

  • Patty

    Awww, don’t feel bad! You were born in the wrong era!

  • Jeff

    Experience – YES! That is what younger people can’t bring to the table.

  • Delia

    Baby business man. Cute.

  • Nat

    Don’t be angry, old people!

  • Amelia

    Dude, my grandma is texting and Facebooking now and I’ll say it’s pretty awesome! It’s all about what the person wants to accomplish. You can sit around and complain how things were better in the ‘old days’ or you can change with the times!

  • Maggie

    So cute face!

  • Beth G

    Good for her!

  • RickJeff1963

    So get out there and change things for yourself!