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  • Don’t forget – if you have any questions, please contact us at anytime. Call us toll-free 1-800-951-9411

  • Frances

    I can use the toll free with my cell? That’s actually really convenient!

  • John

    I just got back from London, England and tried to call a toll-free back home and, nope, it doesn’t it!

  • Darla Jean Harper

    I don’t think I’d call a business that didn’t have a toll free number… Common Sense.

  • Mona

    Oh, so it comes to ANY phone? Even a cell phone with AT&T??

  • Nanjit Sandroop

    Darn, and I wanted one for India!

  • Donald Sotherland

    I got a lot of good info from your FAQ.

  • Gillian Mae Cummings

    Happy to know this stuff!

  • Wallace Grint

    Global corporations have different divisions where they operate so why would you want people in other countries calling you anyway? Who seriously thinks that’s important?

  • Ted Marks

    I’ve heard of companies that operate overseas but sell primarily to the US but they’re usually importers. I suppose an 800 number would help them too.