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  • Grace

    She sounds tough as nails! Wish I were like that!

  • Hanna

    There seriously a sea of jewwlry makers out there it amazing that anyone succeeds.

  • Doris Gallant

    Aww, its to bad that shes not still making jewelry I would buy some.

  • Doris Gallant


  • Janet

    Still seems a bit long…

  • Alyssia Gallegos

    I love this woman!

  • Freddie

    Sounds like a nice lady!

  • Anne Zaleski

    I am so happy that Janet is getting the recognition she deserves!

  • Bea

    I was searching google for local jewelry shops IL and this post came up. Definitely gonna check her out!

  • Athena Murray

    Hard work and determination is the key.

  • Munchin

    Gooooooo Janet!

  • De’Borah

    Love that women are getting recognition for being able to do anything a man can do but, in heels!