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  • Bob

    Had no clue how they did it! Thanks for the tip!

  • David Stall

    Dog holding a phone… Priceless advertising!

  • Jason Stanford

    You guys make it easier than others!

  • Sigi Reyes

    You should’ve used doge!

  • Niklos

    Don’t you have to tell people when your recordingthem?

  • Mack Mahon

    Lots of cool features, I like.

  • Lonnie Jackson

    I just got a simpler service and am glad you offer a lesser version as well.

  • Rico

    I honestly hate when a 800 number comes up on my caller id display. makes me feel like theyre stalking me

  • Niklos

    @Rico – Yeah, as if you’re that important.

  • Ngobo

    I have a great investment opportunity in toll free number. Call me to see how! 876-909-7611.

  • Laurie

    I always wondered how to do this!