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  • Sue

    too many i-things

  • Nikolai

    I heard about this recently. There’s so much going on in technology today!

  • Bertha Malp

    I like that you offer these sorts of features but, do people still use faxes??

  • Nathan Gildcrest

    I used to have eFax. I’m pretty sure thats the same thing.

  • Edwin Echavarria

    Sounds pretty straightforward. How do I sign up?

  • Ghettoboy43


  • stuart ready

    electronic fax? its amazing what can be done with technology this days.

  • jackie

    iDon’t care

  • Chuckie Gupta

    Hey jackie and Ghettoboy43, fax you.

  • Huxley

    Wow, these people commenting are original thinkers. Thumbs up guys.