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  • Danny

    Good tips. Bad fake reviews are like the new prank calls!

  • fred

    Stay calm and… calm down? hahahaha

  • D-Chamber

    We have a yelp page and had one guy give us a bad rating because he sat at a table in the sun for lunch and thought it was too sunny. Our restaurant is self seating – how does he expect us to keep the sun out of his face when HE sat there?!

  • Joanie

    I use Yelp all the time to find restaurants but I specifically look for what people are saying about the service and the food.

  • Sara G.

    I remember watching a an episode of Kitchen Nightmares and the business owners were so mean to their customers. It’s no wonbder they needed help!!

  • Lacey

    Just dont address dumb reviewers?

  • Abigale

    I think you SHOULD respond to negative reviews but do so in a way where you’re being nice and want to make things better.

  • Ramon

    Same way you react to anything negative. Fuh-get abat-et!

  • Anna

    Be nice. That is all.

  • Jessica Sternwell

    I recommend just talking to the person to see what you can improve upon, then do it and make them happy. If one person has a complaint, another is likely to as well.

  • Indrina

    If someone states a negative viewpoint about them you must first acknowledge their complaint and address it with professionalism. Most bad reviews are do to person wanting a free something from you so give something small for free and make them happy.

  • Kalli

    Not everyone’s gonna love you. Deal wit it.

  • Phillip Fram

    Tell them why they’re wrong. It seems unprofessional but they should get put in their place so other reviewers don’t think they can just say whatever and that you’ll cower to them.

  • Gerry

    I agree that you should give the customer the benefit of the doubt. Unless it’s unreasonable to do so!

  • Jen

    Take it as a how to do better!

  • Andrew

    The negative ones can help you figure out what you’re doing wrong. Don’t take it as an insult.

  • BILL


  • Joseph

    Corrective criticism is a good thing