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  • Gerald

    Exactly. No need to argue!

  • Adam Chilson

    Never forget!!

  • Danny

    Then we agree, it was an inside job.

  • James

    This was a day that no one will forget. It rattled the world because, if it can happen to us, it can happened to any one.

  • Cherrie Freeman

    Seems like a lot of people forgot…

  • Kelly

    Nicely written!

  • danny raymond

    Wish I could forget

  • Tracey

    I remember I was headed to New York on a flight that day. Needless to say, it was delayed.

  • Liz

    Who could possibly forget?!

  • Christie McMac

    A sad sad day but we should focus on the positive!

  • George

    Why aren’t people still talking about this!?

  • Darryl K Ray

    Never will…

  • Derrick Rhems

    Ten years later it’s still hard to forget…

  • Vic

    Love the old New York skyline…