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  • Amanda Dane

    My grandma used to get these calls ALL the time. So annoying!

  • Kurt Lockwood

    Whoa! Are people really doing this?

  • Michael Blevins

    That’s shady!

  • Ricky

    I get calls from 2am in the morning form 877 number, what I do to find out who it is and stop these call type?

  • Albert Reyes

    They’re coming from every where now a days. Even other countires people call here to do there scams!

  • Herchel Walker

    That took advantage of us because we’re old.

  • Oscar

    It’s too bad that people do this

  • Trina G.

    I don’t know why the authorities don’t do more to stop this.

  • Ethel Thompson

    This should be illegal!1!

  • Billy

    The government should put sanctions or something in place to prevent this sort of thing.

  • Jackie Quinn

    Protect the elderly!