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  • Dan Scarborough

    Wow! you’ve sold me!

  • Nathan G

    Funny, I thought it was only the day after black Friday!

  • Frank Arnold

    Small businesses NEED to be supported to maintain the economy so we should all make a point to buy local!

  • Molum

    How about mega business saturday?

  • Johnny

    Anyone remember that clothing line, Big Dogs? Circa ten years ago maybe…

  • Sylvia Porter

    I really appreciate your guys’ blog, I feel like I’m always learning something new!

  • Vincent DiMarco

    Shop local everyday!~

  • Keyshawn

    All day, urry day!

  • Joy Raymond

    It’s nice living in a town that grows and makes a lot of cool stuff! I rarely order anything on line because I’ve got all I need right here!