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  • Adrienne

    I always wondered why youtubers were constantly telling everything to subscribe and like, and thumbs up and share.

  • Dennis

    I started a YouTube channel but no one watched…

  • Devon

    It is a business. Poeple make money off it!

  • Mac

    I just watched the Social Network, about Facebook and the Zuckerberg guy didn’t even want ads and stuff on Facebook like his partner did. So we can thank the other guy for it!

  • Scott Roberts

    Yeah but he eventually caved.

  • Randall jenner

    So why is twitter so big for celebrities and facebook for business? whats the difference in why people go where on socal media???

  • Gabrielle

    Am I the only one who didn’t know this?? I thought people were just trying to make themselves famous!

  • Heme

    Make better content, ie Kim Kardashian ‘news’.

  • Nathan Thomas Grimm

    This is all pretty obvious.

  • Betty

    For those of you saying ‘duh’ its not ‘duh’ unless you’re so into to social media that you know this kind of stuff. I for one like to spend time in person with my friends and family and clients instead of having digital relationships.

  • Sweet Breakfasts LLC.

    Who isn’t into social media!? It’s the way of the future.

  • bidi


  • Dalton @

    I paid Facebook for advertising but I only saw a modest boost in my online profile. I’m not sure this works for every company.

  • alexis

    funny how blogging’s a job now, haha

  • Fred Grimes

    I’m so happy you guys were able to set up my facebook page for me. I don’t know much about these things so it’s nice to be able to just keep it updated and not worry about the rest. Thank you!

    Fred Grimes

  • Jane

    I got your free ebook and read the first few chapters last night – love it! Can’t believe you’re giving it away for free

  • John

    Who could turn down a free ebook?!

  • Kathryn

    Yeah but how much could someone actually make doing a social media job? I heard it’s pennies per youtube views. You’d literally have to have tons of people watching ALL DAY LONG in order to make a decent income.

  • Mom of Teens/Lindsay Straighte

    I called and got a number today – for my business started from my social media pages! Thank you guys!

  • lynch

    OMG, I just heard of this pewdie pee guy on youtube that made millions just from people viewing his vids on what he thinks of games he plays. Huh?! I dont’ get it! Whats wrong with the world?!

  • Steven

    Going viral is the big thing now so you have to share everything you do and hope other people share it as well.