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  • Dana

    It’s a goal, not a necessary

  • Frederiqua

    I started at a company and got better and better at what I did so I recently branched off in to my own venture. I didn’t like it at first but I got used to it and good at it so I kinda love it now. Not quite the same as sitting around the house eating chocolate all day but, it works, lol!

  • Donald Wood

    So worried about failing but that’s a risk you take.

  • James

    Easy to say, hard to do.

  • Janelle

    it IS spirit!

  • Tommy

    I want one those food job where I get paid to eat at restaurants!

  • Gabriel

    I heard that

  • Luke Simeeon

    Do what you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life!

  • Douglas Rhem

    Yes, but how do people without even any internet figure out how to do what they like. With no access to communications they just wouldn’t know.

  • Jessica

    I love walking dogs but I live in Los Angeles and there’s a billion dog walkers so I can’t really do that.

  • Cameron

    Easier said than done.

  • Dameon

    @Lindsay4Mama what you think of this, you think we can do this business or what?

  • Lindsay

    Let’s do it!!!

  • Tony

    You can have a job you don’t necessarily care for and still be happy while you do it…

  • Trish

    Don’t know about that.

  • Oscar Plata

    Sure you can!

  • Andrew

    I can’t do what I love because I can’t find the job and don’t have the capital to do it on my own. Any suggestions?

  • Christian

    I do what I love but I don’t get paid for it

  • Hamilton

    Easier said

  • Sydney

    I have a balance of doing what I like and then working another part time job to pay the bills. It works for me!

  • Felicia Hornsby

    I didn’t like the job I have now when I started but I grew in to it and now I really like it. Something to remember!

  • Burton Thomas

    I’m trying, I’m trying…

  • tran

    Or don’t… whatever.

  • Gabby Reynolds

    I called today and I’m glad I did! Thanks for the free trial!

  • Pistal

    Dream jobs are made of just that, dreams. Not real

  • Misty