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  • Johnny Rights

    I think you guys are spot on with this. Too many of us go one way or the other: Knowing out weakness but not our strengths and vice versa. It’s important to know both, well, I may add, so we can do the best we can for our customers because THEY are what keeps us going!

  • Cameron Bean

    I like your guys’ blog roll and I think you’ve talked me in to getting a toll free number!

  • Charles Riggle

    Even Supermans got a weakness. Trill talk.

  • Darlene

    The worst is when you try to help a company out by telling them what you, the customer, didn’t like and they get offensive. It’s like, hello, I’m trying to help you be better!

  • Mark Harmon

    It’s a yin/yang!

  • mitch

    i thought feedback was when the speakers make that skweeling sound….

  • Tim

    What if you have no weaknesses? haha

  • harmon

    I see what you mean and I appreciate the ideas

  • Gerald Myers

    This really is good advice for any business. You must know what you’re doing good at and what you can improve upon.

  • Henrick

    It’s really true that you have to increase your strengths and diminish your weekness, otherwise you will be precieved as week.