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  • Mable Kloff

    You must have some ancient zen writers because these are classic zen!

  • Jen Ling

    I think this is good advice. It’s the same as getting angry or mad or sad or wnaything. When your stressed you need a timeout to re-focus.

  • Dom

    It’s true you have to deal with your emotions and not just brush them under the rug. I know from experience that the healthy thing is to work with yourself.

  • Gary Colotto

    I used to have anger issues but I learned to control them and these steps are real.

  • annoyed

    Telemarketers drive me crazy and they’re always calling me from 800 numbers. Can’t I block these?!?!

  • RickJeff1963

    Driving drives me crazy!

  • Nance

    Ugh, tell me abiout it.